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Engine Revival and Restoration 

Thoroughbred Motorsportswill service any Porsche® with a focus on air-cooled cars up to 1998. We can bring your car back to life! We have several customers who have had their air-cooled Porsche® to many dealerships and independent shops, who could not make them perform as new. Most shops and dealerships these days are excellent in computer diagnostics, yet no longer have the expertise to repair / fine tune older mechanical Porsches®, whether it may be a Solex or Weber carbureted 911, an MFI car or a turbo.

At Thoroughbred Motorsports we have the original tools and expertise to fix your Porsche® right. We can build any air-cooled engine to perfection , whether it is an early engine to concours d'elegance standards, or an outlaw '73 3.7 liter Carrera RS MFI engine or a 4.2 liter 993 race engine. 


Here are some before and after photos of a 1965 2.0L 911 engine.

One of our customers, who bought his Porsche® new in 1969, picked up his car after a major service at Thoroughbred Motorsports and came back an hour later almost in tears to say this: " My car runs like new again, everything works like when it was new! It has not run like this in 15 years , and I have spent a ton of money and had it to several shops/dealerships in the past years. Finally, now it is running right again! I wanted to come back to thank you!"

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1965 Aga Blue 911 that received a full engine rebuild.