29 North 1st Ave Corry PA 16407 USA



+1 814 964-4180

Thoroughbred Motorsports refurbishes 356s, 911s, and 914-6s . Our highest level of expertise is in air-cooled 911s and 914-6s. Please make an appointment to visit, we typically have over 50 air-cooled Porsches® at our restoration facility  and our warehouse & showroom.

The owner's personal collections includes many very significant Porsches®; anything from one of the earliest '65 911s, through some gorgeous SWB cars, early 911S cars, many MFI cars, turbos/ Ruf® cars, anything from 356s through a 993 Super-Cup, or a Ruf® 993 C2S.

We have some ultra low mileage, all original, non-restored cars in near perfect condition for authenticity evaluations in our house. They include an ivory '71 911S, a black '73 911E as well as some 930s and Ruf® cars. 


At Thoroughbred Motorsports we are dedicated to top notch restorations and aim to achieve the very highest level of originality and correctness.

We do anything from full ground up rotisserie restorations to the highest standards to partial restorations.