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     "Karl grew up in Koeln (Cologne) Germany and watched Georg Loos & the Kremer brothers with fascination as a young boy. He has worked on Porsches since the early eighties. At the beginning of his career he worked for Advanced Development at Daimler Benz (Mercedes) in Stuttgart Untertuerkheim, Germany at the head office. But his passion was always Porsches and racing which lead him to buy his first 911 in 1984, blood orange 1969 911, that he put a lot of Autobahn miles on commuting between Stuttgart and his hometown Cologne (Koeln) on weekends.  He has owned and worked on numerous high-end Porsches ever since. Karl has his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer and is well known around the world for his engineering contributions through many publications and patents. In 2003 he turned his passion and hobby for Porsches into a full time job. He then created Thoroughbred Motorsports LLC, which has since turned into one of the finest restoration shops and Porsche vintage parts businesses worldwide. Some the world’s top Porsche tuners, race teams and restoration shops are Karl’s regular customers. Karl is a perfectionist and is well known for his exceptional engine and transmission building expertise and he owns a significant collection of vintage Porsches."

29 North 1st Ave Corry PA 16407 USA



+1 814 964-4180




We are a service and restoration shop for air-cooled Porsche® and Ruf® cars. 

We sell Porsche® and Ruf® parts new/used, genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) & aftermarket. As we use any of the parts in our own builds and restorations, we can advise you on which factory or aftermarket parts are most correct for your specific vehicle, which are high quality vs. which should be steered away from. 

We buy used, air cooled Porsches and Porsche parts!