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At Thoroughbred Motorsports we have an engine test stand that has been developed over many years.  This stand gives us the ability to run any air cooled 911 engine from 1965-1998 to ensure everything is working properly before an engine is installed in a car. This can save time in debugging possibly saving hours if an oil leak was found or adjustments are needed.  The stand is set up to run Carbureted, Mechanically Injected, CIS injected, as well as motronic engines; single or twin plug; normally aspirated, or turbo engines. 

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Engine Test Stand


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Left: We are preparing to remove the engine from the test stand after a successful test run.  We can easily slide the lift cart under the engine, unbolt the transmission and engine mounting hardware, pull the engine out of the stand, install the engine stand cradle, and very easily get the engine back on a stand!